La Pavoni

La Pavoni Stradivari Professional 16 Cup Chrome Base Espresso Machine

High style Italian chrome and curves and lever handles for the exacting performance, that is La Pavoni's trademark. The La Pavoni Stradivari is not only beautiful machine, but represents the third collaboration between industrial designer Carlo Gallizi. The design inspiration was drawn from the works of world famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari. The fluid sweeping motion of the lever accentuates the subtle curves of the base and the power button is recessed for a clean appearance. 

  • La Pavoni Stradivari engages all the senses with tactile pleasure for the barista pulling shots as well as the beauty of the machine and always the wonderful taste and aroma of Espresso. 

    Remember before you can become a master there is an apprenticeship, La Pavoni manual Espresso Machines take more time and effort but the results are worth it! 

    The Stradivari Line comes with two models in two variants:

    Stradivari Europiccola 8 Cup Chrome with Wood
    Stradivari Europiccola 8 Cup Chrome and Black
    Stradivari Professional 16 Cup Chrome with Wood
    Stradivari Professional 16 Cup Chrome and Black

  • - Manufacturer: La Pavoni
    - Quantity of Espressos: Makes 16 x 2oz. cups of Espresso
    - Boiler capacity: 38 oz.
    - Boiler material: Solid brass boilers, triple chrome plated
    - Power Button: Recessed power switch and power button
    - Milk Frothing: Dual frothing cappuccino systems
    - ETL certified: Yes
    - Volt: 110
    - Watts: 1000
    - Height: 12"
    - Weight: 17 lbs.
    - Warranty: 1-year warranty
    - Manufactured: Made in Italy 

  • - La Pavoni Stradivari Professional 16 Cup Chrome Base Espresso Machine

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Customer Reviews

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Some guy
The quintessential experience of espresso

The La Pavoni is an absolute legend.
Yes, it takes practice and a methodical ritual to use but, if you're a coffee snob... It is worth every second of effort you put into it.

My only complaint is the steam wand has a three hole tip which is not very fun to use but there are many single hole replacements out there.