Ascaso Dream Pid, Programmable Home Espresso Machine Kid Blue

The Ascaso Dream PID is the most symbolic professional home-espresso machine in the Ascaso catalog. The stunning retro aesthetic will complement any kitchen and become the highlight of your home or office and will bring your Espresso World to the next level.

  • The newest version of the Dream PID includes a bevy of professional upgrades including improved volumetric controls, professional 58mm portafilter size, adjustable over-pressure valve, analog pressure gauge, improved no-burn steam wand, and thermoblock insulation. The Dream's new PID also includes advanced features like temperature and offset control, pre-infusion, power-saving modes, and single or double shot programming. The Dream PID is the perfect set up for the home barista!

    PID Temperature Management
    Program your PID controller to get just-right shots every time. This model even features offset programming, letting you calibrate temperature to account for drops in the system on the way to your glass.

    58mm Group
    The 58mm group and portafilter opens you up to a range of aftermarket accessories, including replacement gaskets and dispersion screens from the popular E61 format.

    Adjustable OPV
    An externally-accessible screw lets you set the max pressure the pump will push through your group head.

    Unlike the original, the Dream PID is packed with programming for power saving, pre-infusion, and shot length programming.

    Pressure Gauge
    Another welcome change, the Dream PID has swapped its analog temperature gauge to monitor pressure instead.

  • - Manufacturer: Ascaso
    - Width: 10 inches
    - Depth: 13.5 inches with the portafilter
    - Height: 13.5 inches
    - Watts: 1100W
    - Volts: 120V
    - Programmability: PID, Pre-infusion, Shot Time
    - Case Material: Aluminum
    - Boiler: Stainless Steel, lined Aluminum
    - Cup Clearance: 3 inches
    - Reservoir Size: 48 ounces
    - Solenoid Valve: Yes
    - Cup Warmer: Yes
    - Portafilter Size: 58mm
    - Available Portafilters: Bottomless, E.S.E Pods, Pressurized and Non-Pressurized
    - Warm-Up: Brew Time: 3:30
    - Boiler Design: Thermoblock
    - Pod Friendly: Yes, without adaptation
    - Water Sources: Reservoir/Internal Tank
    - Auto Shut Off: Yes
    - Auto On: No
    - Pre-Infusion: Yes
    - Water Reservoir Material: Polycarbonate NSF and FDA approved for food purpose
    - Flexible Tube Material: Siliconess Steel

  • - Ascaso Dream PID Home Espresso Machine Kid Blue
    - Steel tamper
    - 1 Walnut wood portafilter handle, size 58mm
    - Multiple basket types, blind basket
    - Wood furnitur

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Yingxin Lee
So far so good, timing difficult

So far I really like the Ascaso Dream PID. The fit and finish is really nice. Its a compact machine with a lot of nice features. It's on the quieter side. Warmup time is fast. The switches and knobs are very robust. There is nothing visibly cheap about this machine. Nice rubber feet.

The only negatives for me are the small water tank. You can only fill it from the right side and must remove it first. The jumbo double spout portafilter makes it hard to pull a single shot into a small espresso cup. I might go for the bottomless portafilter to fill this purpose. Finally, the double shot non-pressurized basket is slightly too small for my 58mm tamper. It works fine on all the others which is weird.

Getting used to the multifunction switches also takes a minute. I can't see talking my wife through making a cup over the phone.