The STEEL range goes one step further and transcends Home use. It is a semi-professional coffee machine for home, offices, and even the Hospitality channel. The vintage industrial look will become the centerpiece of any kitchen. 

The Steel DUO PID is the perfect set up for the home barista!

  • The newest version of the Steel DUO PID Dual Boiler includes a bevy of professional upgrades including, a dedicated boiler for steam, improved volumetric controls, professional 58mm portafilter size, adjustable over-pressure valve, analog pressure gauge, improved no-burn steam wand, and thermoblock insulation. The Steel DUOs new PID also includes advanced features like temperature and offset control, pre-infusion, power-saving modes, and single or double shot programming. The Steel DUO PID is the perfect set up for the home barista!

    Quality Build with Professional Materials
    12-Month Warranty: We guarantee all products against defects caused by fault workmanship and materials for twelve months of domestic use from the date of purchase (purchased from 2020).
    5-Year Warranty: We guarantee all thermoblock boilers and groups against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials for 5-years of domestic use from the purchase date (purchased from 2020).
    The Steel DUO PID body is manufactured in powder-coated carbon steel and polished stainless steel. 58mm professional portafilter features a real walnut wood handle with an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design to complement any home kitchen.

    Electronic Group Temperature Control
    Digitally displayed PID temperature control adjustable in one-degree increments.
    Adjustable OPV (over pressure valve).
    Electronic steam control with an advanced no-burn steam wand.
    Volumetric programmable settings for preinfusion, single shot, double shot, and auto-standby, the enhanced volumetric controls make it easier to produce and repeat a consistently good quality espresso.

    Powerful Steam and Clean Hot Water
    The new aluminum & stainless steel thermoblock group guarantees continuous, unlimited steam with constant pressure. The new thermoblock provides enhanced stability and minimal energy consumption.
    Limescale will not build up in the stainless steel thermoblock circuits leading to a longer-lasting machine.
    Freshwater is drawn for every espresso shot to ensure the best quality every time.
    100% food-safe. AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit. No metal migration in water.

    Professional Baskets and Compliments
    Each Steel DUO PID includes 5 professional baskets (2 traditional, 2 pressurized, and 1 monodose ESE). 1 stainless steel tamper. 1 blank basket for backflushing. 1 walnut wood portafilter handle.

  • - Manufacturer: Ascaso
    - Width: 11.25 inches
    - Depth: 12.5 inches / 17 inches with portafilter
    - Height: 15 inches
    - Watts: 1100W
    - Volts: 120V
    - Programmability: PID, Pre-infusion, Shot Time
    - Case Material: Aluminum
    - Boiler Material: Stainless Steel, lined Aluminum
    - Cup Clearance: 3 inches
    - Reservoir Size: 48 ounces (2liters)
    - Solenoid Valve: Yes
    - Cup Warmer: Yes
    - Portafilter Size: 58mm
    - Available Portafilters: Bottomless, E.S.E Pods, Pressurized and Non-Pressurized
    - Warm-Up, Brew Time: 3:30
    - Boiler Design: Thermoblock Dual Boiler
    - Pod Friendly: Yes - without adaptation
    - Water Sources: Reservoir, Internal Tank
    - Auto Shut Off: Yes
    - Auto On: No
    - Pre-Infusion: Yes
    - Material: Aluminum
    - Water Reservoir Material: Polycarbonate NSF and FDA approved for food purpose
    - Flexible Tube Material: Silicone
    - Flowmeter Body Material: PBT (Arnite) 35%GF NSF compliant
  • - Ascaso STEEL W/PID Controller, Dual Boiler, Home Espresso Machine White
    - Steel tamper
    - 1 Walnut wood portafilter handle, size 58mm
    - Multiple basket types, blind basket
  • Learn more about the Brand Ascaso

Customer Reviews

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Amy Williamson

I purchased this machine as my entry into home espresso and honestly it was the aesthetics that won me over. I've paired this with a eureka mignon grinder and have been pulling some consistently good shots. The warm up time takes a little longer than the specs say if you want to make sure the grouphead is nice and heated. But overall the features are great and easy to play with. Temp, pre-infusion, shot timer are all gr