Ascaso BabyT Plus - Inox

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The Baby T Plus model represents the ultimate espresso machine experience in the evolution of the Ascaso catalog. The compact and modern style will become the centerpiece of any cafe, food truck, hospitality space, office space, or home kitchen!


  • Description
    The versatile and professional Baby T Plus elevates the art of specialty coffee to the next level. Born from the commercial Barista T Plus the new Baby T Plus utilizes the same technology and features in a compact footprint. The Baby T Plus is a 100% professional machine loaded with multi-group T Technology©, total PID control, exceptional thermal stability and advanced energy efficiency.

    T Technology
    T Technology© is state-of-the-art multi-group technology pioneered and developed entirely by Ascaso. T Technology© offers great thermal stability with a high level of energy efficiency and clean fresh water in each coffee..

    Backed by a 12-Month factory warranty against faulty workmanship and materials plus an amazing 5-Year warranty on all boilers and groups. We guarantee this professional machine will produce uncompromising results and last through the rough and tumble of any food and beverage environment.

  • - Manufacturer: Ascaso
    - Width: Width: 13.8 inches
    - Depth: 17 inches with the portafilter
    - Height: 17.75 inches
    - Weight: 77lbs
    - Watts: 1710 (14.3 Amps)
    - Volts: 120V
    - Programmability
         - PID
         - Adjustable Pre-infusion
         - Volumetric Dosing
         - Independent Adjustable Group Temp
         - Adjustable Power Management
         - Shot Timer
         - Shot Counter
         - Auto Clean Cycle
         - Bluetooth/APP Connected
         - Group H2O preheat coil
    - Case: Stainless steel case material
    - Thermoblock: Stainless Steel-lined Aluminum Thermoblock, Stainless Steel Boiler
    - Cup Clearance: 3 inches
    - Reservoir Size: 2 Lt. tank or direct water connect
    - Valve: Solenoid Valve
    - Cup Warmer: Yes
    - Portafilter Size: 58mm
    - Warm-Up: Brew Time - Thermoblock = 1:45 from cold start, Steam Boiler = 9:45 from cold start
    - Thermoblock: Coffee Group and Boiler Steam Group
    - Pod Friendly: Yes
    - Water connect: Reservoir/Internal Tank or Direct Connect
    - Auto Shut Off: Yes
    - Pre-Infusion: Yes
    - Drain: Self Contained or Plumb-in Option

  • - Ascaso Baby T Plus, Automatic 1 Group Espresso Machine, Inox
    - Steel tamper
    - 1 Walnut wood portafilter handle, size 58mm
    - Multiple basket types, blind basket
    - Wood furnitur

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