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Established in 1978, Yamei Heat Resistant Glass Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s first factory to manufacture glass using the all-electric fusion method.

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It has ultra-high standard equipment with no pollution, no waste water, and no noise. For fulfilling environmental protection responsibilities and complying with environmental protection standards, the factory has won the National Excellent Environmental Protection Award for many reasons.

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Our factory is mainly specialized in manufacturing "borosilicate glass", with manual blowing and pressing production lines. Hand-blown products, coffee boilers, flower teapots and other products. The pressed products are pressed by fully automatic mechanical arms, including bakeware, baking pans, microwave oven utensils, heat preservation, tea ware, and high heat resistance lamps. In recent years, electronic glass products have been developed.

The thermal expansion coefficient of Yamei heat-resistant glass is α=33, and the instantaneous temperature difference is 150℃.

The glass produced by Yamei has passed the inspection of SGS, MGSL and other certification bodies for food glass, which can be used as a boiler and food container. The heat resistance and chemical stability of the products are good, and the low expansion coefficient is comparable to advanced countries.

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The heat-resistant glass products continue to innovate and diversify, enriching our lives and making tomorrow better.

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