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A heritage brand dedicated to today’s customers. Since 1957, Bunn-O-Matic Corporation has been at the forefront of dispensed beverage equipment manufacturers. Founded upon five generations of family entrepreneurship, BUNN has become a global partner you can count on for reliable beverage equipment and outstanding post-purchase support wherever customers are served. The BUNN core values of honesty, integrity, and courtesy have created a global network of loyal commercial and home customers who are served by the company's brand promise, A Partner You Can Count On.


The BUNN Product Portfolio

Today, BUNN has embraced sophisticated new technology to meet the changing needs of customers while remaining committed to delivering the highest possible quality beverage in each cup for every occasion. The equipment portfolio includes a home brewer collection and a full line of dispensed beverage commercial solutions including coffee and iced tea brewers for multi-cup and single-cup use; superautomatic espresso machines; coffee bean grinding systems; dispensers for exceptional tasting cold or hot beverages such as juice, lemonade, hot chocolate, cappuccino and iced coffee; liquid coffee dispensers; gourmet ice systems; precise temperature water systems; water quality systems; paper filters and other related products.

Doing well so that we may do good

Recognizing that the business operation impacts the total environment, the BUNN Respect Earth initiative maintains a focus on preserving the Earth for future generations throughout the supply chain. The company is driven to continually identify ways to incorporate this respect for our natural resources into daily business practices and products.

BUNN actively engages with professional industry organizations to support important educational and legislative initiatives, including support through volunteerism and sponsorship of organizations doing important work in coffee- and tea-producing countries.

The Community Outreach program encourages employees to become involved in volunteer philanthropic efforts. Employees are given paid time off for approved initiatives. Since 2007, BUNN employees have contributed over 125,000 hours of volunteer time for more than 350 organizations.

Designed and assembled in the USA

In the 1950s, the company founder, George Bunn, was driven by the goal of making it simple and fast to brew a quality cup of coffee. He relentlessly designed, hand assembled, tested, modified and perfected prototypes.

Since then, the company’s equipment solutions have dramatically evolved, but one aspect of product innovation development has remained a part of our DNA: every equipment model is designed and/or tested by BUNN professionals in offices and labs in our Springfield, Illinois headquarters. Today, the company has a full portfolio that is rich with industry-leading, customer-driven patented solutions.

Many of our products are labeled "Assembled in the USA." What does this mean? The majority of all commercial equipment models are assembled at facilities in the USA. Some of the components for our products are also tooled in these same facilities. We strictly monitor suppliers of the components that are necessary to source from third parties to ensure they do not waver from our safety and quality standards that result in the reliability for which BUNN has become known. Our company mission is to be the best provider of beverage equipment and services worldwide.

History Behind the Brand

Over 170 years ago, Jacob Bunn opened his grocery store in a developing Springfield, IL, USA, and a young Abe Lincoln was one of the first customers. That venture grew into Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company and was later managed by George R. Bunn who founded a beverage equipment division in the late 1950's. Bunn-O-Matic Corporation was officially incorporated as a separate entity in 1963, and since that time has been at the forefront of dispensed beverage equipment manufacturers with a long list of innovations.
Today, the company remains privately-held and family-owned. Arthur "Hy" Bunn has been the President and CEO since 1988, assuming overall management and leadership of the worldwide beverage equipment company that his father founded. During his tenure, the BUNN portfolio has evolved from a coffee focus to include dispensed beverage equipment for espresso, tea, juice, granita, filtered water and many other specialty beverages. Founded upon five generations of family entrepreneurship, BUNN has become a partner you can count on for profitable, reliable beverage equipment and outstanding post-purchase support wherever customers are served.