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When it comes to coffee, flavor is king. It doesn’t matter if a coffee isn’t strong enough or if it isn’t delivered quickly enough; We are all more than willing to wait and to excuse other faults as long as our coffee tastes good. And as much as we like to think that all taste comes down to what kind of coffee you buy (in other words, how much money you spend on it), the truth is that there are many other factors at play.

One of the most important and overlooked factors is the grinding. In several studies in which a group of people were given coffee made from pre-ground, packaged beans while a separate group was given coffee made from freshly ground beans, the latter performed better according to each and every one of the participants.

Particularly for coffee shop owners, a coffee grinder is a great investment: It will better the taste of your coffee while keeping costs low, since buying whole coffee beans is much cheaper than the alternative.

So, let’s look at some things to keep in mind while choosing a coffee grinder.


In other words; How much coffee do you expect to grind with this machine?

There are, in fact, a lot of coffee grinders that are made specifically for home use. That’s great: Smaller designs to fit nicely in our kitchen and affordable prices. But, on the other side, that also means a lot of machines that cannot keep up with more than casual use and will wear down rapidly.

This is why, when choosing our grinder, we have to be very sure about what kind of use we’re going to give this machine: A professional machine will either be too big or too noisy for home use, therefore making it a bad choice no matter the quality. On the other hand, a consumer machine will probably be too slow, inconsistent, and unreliable for professional use: Don’t waste your time with home grinders, no matter how good they may look.

Blade vs. Burr

The main thing about grinders is how they grind. There are, commonly, two types of coffee grinders: Those which grind with blades, and those which grind with burrs.

Blade grinders are highly inconsistent and although much more convenient regarding portability, price, and the amount of noise they make, they are only able to provide you with a coarse grind. Getting a blade grinder is committing to drinking French press coffee for the rest of your days.

Then, we have burr grinders. These are the true, reliable coffee grinders. Burrs grind coffee beans with consistency and accuracy and can be adjusted to get finer, or coarser, grind sizes depending on what kind of coffee you want to make. If you plan on drinking anything else than French press coffee, this is your only choice.

... But nothing is that simple. When choosing burr grinders, look out for good materials: Ceramic burs are the best kind, followed closely by stainless steel burrs.


Or, in other words: How much do you plan on varying grind sizes?

In wide strokes, you could say there are three different grind sizes: Fine, for espresso, Medium for filtered coffee and coarse for French press. But the thing is that different grinds give us different results, and we coffee lovers love to tweak small things to get even better flavor. We love having control over every single little detail.

While most beginner grinders have at least six different grind sizes for you to try, for a coffee shop you should have grinders that can be adjusted to more than 100 different sizes.

Size and/or Capacity

Size does matter, or so they say. When it comes to grinders, size matters for several different reasons.

The first reason why size is important is because, as a general rule, coffee grinders are quite big. They take up a lot of space and are quite heavy, so they aren’t really the kind of machine that you can put away after you’ve used them: They require a permanent space on your kitchen, counter, etc. With this in mind, be sure you pay close attention to each grinder's measurements and measure out the space you have available, just in case.

Additionally, grinders serve two purposes: They store coffee beans and they grind them. If you are to buy a huge grinder for your kitchen, you can store up to two pounds of coffee beans in it. And what do you think is going to happen? Your coffee beans will slowly lose aroma and possibly flavor because you’re hardly drinking two or three cups a day; It would take you more than a month to empty out the grinder’s bean container. And if you were to buy a small grinder for a coffee shop, this same container would be empty every hour or so, giving you a lot of extra work by having to refill it constantly, wasting a lot of time.

And with those considerations in mind, you are now more equipped to know which grinder is best for you. The only thing left for you is to take a virtual stroll through our catalog and pick the best one for you, with all this in mind.

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Thomas Gerber
Thomas Gerber

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